I'm a description.



I want it all. Or should I say, I want to do it all. That is one of my major weaknesses. I get too excited about all the things I could do, that I don't slow down and actually do them. 

I think that's why I was so proud of myself when I pushed through the rest of my Codeacademy course on HTML and CSS. (Though "pushed" makes it sound unenjoyable. I actually really love coding!) I started that course months ago, and like so many other ideas, fell off my radar. 

I can't help it. Just looking at my endless lists of links and notes and inspiration in different Google docs and task lists just makes my head spin. I get overwhelmed, close out and decide that future Stephanie will deal with it.

Well, now I am.

I'm hoping that with a little organization and planning that I can get back to what I hoped this blog to be: a place to share my work, life and inspiration.

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