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I kind of took a four month break from Pinterest. Not intentionally. Things just got a little busy with finals and graduating and traveling abroad and moving across the country and starting a new job... You could say I was a little preoccupied. 

But I recently started browsing and pinning again, and I'm so glad I did. I had forgotten just how much inspiration I find there!

Designing newspaper pages every day, I sometimes fall into a rut and things just start looking really boxy. These pins remind me that even though the final product may be presented on a rectangular piece of paper, the design doesn't have to be square. Switching up shapes and adding layers can really give design a different rhythm.

Then there is No. 3, just serving as a reminder to think back on why I got into design and all the reasons I love doing what I do every day. And that's something I think we would all benefit from. Cheers!

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