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LA Days

Sometimes I feel guilty flaunting the wonderful Southern California weather when winter won't seem to leave my family and friends back home alone. This weekend was just too beautiful, though. So a couple friends and I wandered up to LA for a picnic in Echo Park.

We stopped at Whole Foods on the way to pick up some cheese and salads and desserts. (My first time having macarons!) And then spent too much time arranging it for photos. 

It was so nice to just relax in the sun and talk, people watch and play some cards. Then we drove up to Griffith Observatory for the sunset. Even though it was cloudy, the view was still pretty nice. After dinner in Los Feliz and drinks in Silverlake — and getting lost on some terrifying neighborhood hills — we decided to call it a day. But not without planning our next adventure, of course!

Is it sad that I've been out here for nine months and this is my first time seeing the Hollywood sign?  I still need to go explore all the tourist sites there!