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Travel bug

I've been spending too much time on Pinterest travel boards lately. And lusting for faraway places over coffee with friends. Foreign travel may not be feasible in the immediate future, but a girl can dream! Here's just a handful of passport stamps I plan to collect one day.

I've dreamed of cruising the coasts of Italy and Greece since high school. (More specifically, since I first saw the beauty of Santorini on screen in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.) Just imagine those impossible blues in the water and gorgeous architecture spilling down the cliffs to the sea. I can't imagine ever getting tired of this view!

My Spanish may be a bit rough from lack of practice, but what better way to brush up than immersing myself in it? Barcelona, Madrid, Seville. Just take me all over! Sería perfecto.

Of course, Paris is on my list. It almost seems obligatory. There's just so much to see in the city! But i would also love to explore Nice, Bordeaux, Versailles and Normandy. All while filling up on wine, cheese and baguettes. 


Just look at those colors in Stockholm! I hope to wander through all of Scandinavia someday, but Sweden is at the top of the list. (Hello, Swedish design!) I would probably just be Instagramming every single building and piece of furniture and sign, floating in a bubble of designer bliss. 

My sister is actually planning her trip to Thailand this year, and I couldn't be more jealous. The beaches look gorgeous. And just imagine the food! I love Thai food — the spicier, the better. Also, I hear monkeys roam freely, which just sounds awesome.

Ahh, the Northern Lights. Just one of sights luring me to Iceland. (Though I wouldn't mind watching them dance across the sky from these igloos in Finland, either!) I have a friend who has driving around the who island of Iceland, and she loved it. I would especially want to check out the Blue Lagoon and the hot springs.

Have you been to any of these places? Tell me where I should go first! A few years down the road, of course. :)

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