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Design crush // These Are Things


A couple of friends and I are planning a road trip to San Francisco this weekend. And when I let wanderlust in, it consumes me. My internet history becomes a long list of travel blogs, pins of beautiful cities...and maps. 


One of my favorite map illustrators is These Are Things. Not only is their homepage a work of illustration and coding magic, but they create beautiful map prints, from worldwide down to city neighborhoods.


I love the simplicity in the designs. Straight lines, solid colors and perfect type.


I've got this Indiana print on my desk in my apartment, keeping me inspired while reminding me of home. (And if it weren't for the scratch map already adorning my wall, I would be all over that world map!)

Know of other great mapmakers? Do share!

Photos from These Are Things: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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